One way is to use "Where's My Refund?" an interactive tool on Simple online instructions guide taxpayers through a process that checks the status of their refund after they provide identifying information shown on their tax return. Once the information is processed, results could be one of several responses, including:
  • Acknowledgement that a return was received and is in processing,
  • The mailing date or direct deposit date of the taxpayer's refund, or
  • Notification that the refund has been returned to the IRS because it could not be delivered.
Click here to check your Federal Refund Status or call the toll-free IRS TeleTax System at


Click here to check your Maryland Refund Status or call the toll-free at 1-800-218-8160
Click here to check your Virginia Refund Status or call the toll-free at 1-804-367-2486
Click here to check your DC Refund Status or call the toll-free at 202-727-4TAX
If you would like to check you tax refund status for the different state, log on to your state's website. Find the link for your state's department of revenue. Click the link that says "check your refund." Input your social security number, year of the state tax return, and the refund amount you claimed on your state tax return.
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